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PrintKloud - Your Print Pal

When printing is a need we are a friend indeed. We as a team love to see your business grow. Grow with tools that speak of your finesse. That make you look good. Communication that is not just intelligent but good looking too.

Why Follow Templates

We believe templates are for the herding kinds. You need to be the king who has no match. We would love to receive your design and if you want our DESIGN CELL can also give you options that are a class apart.

Innovative Print Solutions

So what do you print? Things that all do? Let us wear our thinking caps and see the spark of innovation crafting your very own customized communication material. Notebooks, brochures, leaflets, experience them like never before.

Spoilt for Choice

We also believe that great ideas shine only when shape well. We have truckloads of options for paper that you can choose from. Check out the texture, colour and quality of each to choose the one that suits you best.

Print Expertise

And when we print it is not just the machine. You can be well satisfied with our special team of print scientists who will get into the molecular depths of each design to produce it in the most stunning way on print.

One Print. Many Faces

We are also very versatile and make our products the same too. Get up to 5 different kinds of backs for your pack of visiting cards and get colour variation for your brochure covers. The fun is just amazing.

Signature Collections

And if you are the big fat daddy of businesses who want to stand right apart from the masses, well our niche products are just yours. Have triple layered paper for your cards, add a dash of gold or silver to your invites, deboss or emboss your names on paper, and if more just tell us and we’ll deliver.

Committed for Quality

Our backbone is our commitment to quality. Quality of products and the quality of our services.

Corporate Customers

For corporate customers who want to fall in love we can give you an exclusive account for faster processing and repeat orders of your creative. So all you do is log on and smile.


To all of you, from all of us at PrintKloud !

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